About Us

Active Planning was founded in 2005 by Shaunna K. Burbidge after she became frustrated with the complete lack of attention being paid to public health by traditional transportation planners. At the time, Shaunna was pursuing and PhD in Transportation Studies researching travel behavior, and her husband Travis was working as a personal trainer. Living in a variety of different locations exposed them to the reality of how the built environment can impact whether or not people choose to include physical activity in their lives. Often Travis’s clients would lament how they would like to walk more, but the environment would not accommodate walking for transportation.  Shaunna was seeing the same patterns in her research. There was a latent demand for incorporating physical activity into daily travel, but in most places the infrastructure to accommodate such a decision was decidedly absent.

What started as a frustration became a crusade. After completing her PhD, Dr. Burbidge continued to push communities and planners across the country to recognize the affects that their planning was having on health. Not only in terms of limiting opportunities for physical activity, but also by contributing to poor air quality, water contamination, and impacts on mental health that are so often seen in auto-centric societies. Dr. Burbidge believed that better planning could not only address, but also solve many of these issues. By creating plans that addressed all system users, people would be provided with transportation choices, something that had been missing in the past.

At Active Planning, we use state of the art planning and modeling techniques to improve mobility and accommodate all modes of transportation. For us, transportation is as much about enjoying the journey as it is about getting to your destination. Whether you choose transit, auto, cycle, or foot, our focus is on providing the best opportunities and accommodations possible. We are constantly innovating and attempting to improve upon the latest and greatest methods and technologies in order to improve mobility for all users while promoting public health and quality of life in our communities.

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